4-Week Strength Program 102

4-Week Strength Program 102

About Strength Program 102

This is an intermediate strength program that builds on from program 101. It's recommended that every start with 101 regardless of past experience. However, if you feel like you already have a great baseline of strength training - this is a great place to start!

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🔑 build full body strength that supports your physical and mental health
🤸‍♂️ gain confidence going to the gym and/or using heavier weights

📋 create a balance movement routine
✨ have fun

My goal for this program is to help you and your body build physical and mental strength at a pace that works best for you and your body using progressive overload strategies. After completing this program (or multiple) you will have gained more confidence around using dumbbells, and going to the gym. All while creating a newfound appreciation for all of the things your body can do for you.


Dumbbells and an elevated surface (workout bench). I will provide exercise or equipment alternatives in case you don’t have access to a workout bench.


✅ a 4-week progressive overload gym guide

✅ 3 follow-along, at-home strength workouts 30-40min each

✅ demos for all exercises within the program

✅ 1 follow along mobility sequence


1. To build strength for life, longevity, and to support your favourite Fun Moves
2. Reduce stress, improve your mood, and sleep better
3. For healthy: joints, bones, tendons, ligaments, and muscles
4. To build confidence


1. Read through the “Everything You Need To Know” PDF
. Download or print the follow-along workout guides and get started with workout #1
3.Track your weights used throughout the program by using the provided weight log (or started your own in the notes app on your phone)

Note: all the exercises in the gym guide are the same as in the follow-along videos. If you are un-sure of a movement you can check out the follow along videos OR the quick demos of each movement that are provided.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you ave any more questions [email protected]

I can’t wait to get moving with you,


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4-Week Strength Program 102
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  • 35min Full Body - Workout #1 | STRENGTH 102

    This is workout #1 from the AFFM Strength Program 102 - It can be completed on its own or by following along with the program

    Equipment Needed:

    -medium - heavy weight for deadlifts
    -light - medium for chest presses and kneeling overhead presses
    -light weights for shoulder raises

    Focus: Upper B...

  • 35min Full Body - Workout #2 | STRENGTH 102

    This is workout #2 from the AFFM Strength Program 102 - It can be completed on its own or by following along with the program

    Equipment Needed:

    -medium - heavy weight for squats
    -medium for rows
    -light - medium for dumbbell lat pull down + bicep curls

    Focus: Upper Body Pull - Lower Body Push: ...

  • 35min Full Body - Workout #3 | STRENGTH 102

    This is workout #3 from the AFFM Strength Program 102 - It can be completed on its own or by following along with the program

    Equipment Needed:

    -medium - heavy weight for lunges + rear foot raised good-morning
    -light - medium for single arm kneeling overhead press
    -heavy weights for standing ma...

  • 20min Full Body | MOBILITY 102

    This is the mobility sequence from the AFFM Strength Program 102 - It can be completed on its own or by following along with the program

    Equipment Needed: Space to move around and possibly something to hold on to help with balance (a wall, table, chair)

    Focus: back, shoulders, glutes, hamstrin...

  • 90/90s w2-3sec hold


    A. Hands on the ground behind you as you switch side to side
    B. Hands out in front of you to increase intensity

  • Side Plank Hold


    A. Keep bottom knee on the ground
    B. Extend both legs straight (staggered feet will be less intense than stacked feet)

  • Deadlifts


    A. Make it bodyweight like the good morning demo
    B. With weight - can use dumbbells, or kettlebells

  • Chest Press

    Can be done either:

    A. On a workout bench. Note - if your feet can't stay flat on the ground when lying all the way back you CAN come onto the toes. However a flat foot is better. If you have access you can try putting plates to help bring the floor to you.
    B. From the floor - A slightly less in...

  • Kickstand Deadlift


    A. Bodyweight. Holding hands on hips, or reaching out in front of you like in the good morning demo
    B. With weights. You can hold onto 1 weight in hand of opposite leg working (the flat foot) or hold onto two weights

  • Kneeling Alternating Push Press


    A. Kneeling
    B. Standing - if kneeling doesn't work for your knees this can be done standing

    Standing can be slightly less intense because you could use the momentum from your lower body to push up overhead.

  • Dumbbell Plank Pull


    A. From an all fours/quadruped position
    B. High plank position on knees
    C. High plank position on toes

  • Hip Thrust


    A. Bodyweight
    B. With weights

    *A regular glute bridge can be substituted for this in case you didn't have access to a bench

  • Alternating Shoulder Raises

  • 90/90 Hold


    A. Hands to the ground - you could also use a yoga block or foam roller between you and the floor to help bring the floor to you
    B. To Increase intensity and you can drop a forearm or two towards the ground

  • Elevated Thoracic Extension


    A. On an elevated surface
    B. Can also be done in a high hip Childs pose position

  • Adductor Hip Rock w/Twist

  • Dead-Bugs


    A. Bend in knee tapping heel to ground
    B. Extending the whole leg
    C. Add tension by pushing hands into thighs (thighs into hands) moving same arm and leg away from the midline

  • Split Squat Hold


    A. Hold in half-kneeling position push-pulling legs together staying tall and breathing
    B. Lift the bottom knee up and hold

  • Squats


    A. Seated - you can add weight to this as well
    B. Goblet squat or dumbbell front rack position rack

  • Single Arm Bent Over Row

    Note: Your supporting surface can be to the side or front of you

  • Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

    Note: With this grip style your hands will be facing away from your body aka. a supinated grip

  • Single Legged Squat


    A. One leg to sit down - 2 legs to stand up
    B. One leg down - one leg to stand up
    C. Add weight

    *To decrease intensity bring increase the height of the seat/bench. You can do this by using a pillow(s) (at home) or plates (at the gym)
    *To increase intensity just lightly tap your butt ...

  • Dumbbell Lat Pull-Down

    Can be done either:

    A. Lying back on a workout bench (feet can be on the ground if your bench isn't long enough) - note this variation will add a bit more intensity because the range of motion is greater than if you were on the floor
    B. From the floor

  • Alternating Leg Extension


    A. Bodyweight holding arms up - can decrease intensity by adding a bend in the knee and tapping heel to ground instead of extending leg fully
    B. Hold onto a weight

  • Alternating Bicep Curl + Around The World

  • Rear Foot Elevated Quad Stretch

  • Open Book Hold


    A. two knees on the ground
    B. bottom leg extended out will add my intensity

  • Worlds Greatest Stretch


    A. Keep back knee on the ground when you twist
    B. Lift back knee to increase intensity

  • Step Back Lunge w/Reach


    A. Alternating step back lunges holding onto a surface for support
    B. Stepping back and reaching arms over-head (as shown in video) - adding a slide bend to the side of the front leg can add more intensity

  • Bear Plank Crawl


    A. Keep knees on the ground and alternate tapping the opposite shoulder
    B. Full crawl from back to front of mat for the suggested length of time

  • Step Back Lunges


    A. Bodyweight - holding onto a TRX or an elevated surface near by can help decrease intensity and add support if need be
    B. Add weights - you can move heavier weights by evenly holding 2 weights by your side, however you can modify and hold onto 1 weight goblet style depending on your a...

  • Half Kneeling Push-Press

  • Rear Foot Raised Good Morning


    A. Bodyweight - hands can be on hips, extended out like the regular good morning demo video, or hands on opposite shoulders
    B. With weights - you can hold onto two weights or 1 weight in the hand with the leg on the bench

  • Pronated Grip Single Arm Row

  • Suitcase Carry March

  • Elevated Push-Ups


    A. Elevated surface. Note - the higher up the surface = decrease in intensity. If you want to increase intensity take it to a surface closer to the ground. If you want to decrease the intensity take it to a higher surface (the highest surface being a wall)
    B. If elevated push-ups become...

  • Lower Body Figure 4


    A. From a lying down position
    B. Seated