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Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

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Reverse Grip Bent Over Row

4-Week Strength Program 102 • 17s

Up Next in 4-Week Strength Program 102

  • Single Legged Squat


    A. One leg to sit down - 2 legs to stand up
    B. One leg down - one leg to stand up
    C. Add weight

    *To decrease intensity bring increase the height of the seat/bench. You can do this by using a pillow(s) (at home) or plates (at the gym)
    *To increase intensity just lightly tap your butt ...

  • Dumbbell Lat Pull-Down

    Can be done either:

    A. Lying back on a workout bench (feet can be on the ground if your bench isn't long enough) - note this variation will add a bit more intensity because the range of motion is greater than if you were on the floor
    B. From the floor

  • Alternating Leg Extension


    A. Bodyweight holding arms up - can decrease intensity by adding a bend in the knee and tapping heel to ground instead of extending leg fully
    B. Hold onto a weight