20 in 25 Schedule

20 in 25 Schedule

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Welcome to a this entirely bodyweight schedule!

How does the 20 in 25 work?! There are 20 all bodyweight workouts ranging in intensity, style, and length to be completed over the course of 25 days. This is a great schedule if you are looking to get back into a movement schedule, have a busy schedule, or don't have a large range of equipment available to you.

Ideally you follow the schedule as it is written down (it is programmed a certain way). However, if free styling works best for you, go for it. You have the freedom with this one to schedule in your own rest days, and fit the workouts into your schedule as you see fit. Download the PDF calendar, and/or Insta template to follow along. Always remember that this schedule is a guideline to help you stay on track with getting moving, feeling good, and having fun. If you miss a day, or need to replace a day with something else - absolutely *NO STRESS*.

Some hot tips for having fun during this schedule:

1. Tell a friend, family member, or pal about your schedule. Maybe even get them to join in with you. Movement buddies rule!
2. Check out the 'How To' series for any movements you feel like you need some extra assistance with.
3. Decide what time of the day is best for you to complete your workouts and stick with it. Morning person? Lunch break? After work? Pick a time, schedule it in, and make it happen. Even better if you have your movement buddy ;)
4. If printing out the schedule helps to keep you on track go for it. You can also download the insta template to share with your pals for accountability.
5. Join the AFFM Community Hub :)
6. ALWAYS remember that this schedule was created for YOU. If completing the workouts in 30 days works best for you? Do that! Want to add on more STRETCH workouts into the routine? Go for it! Need more REST days? Take them!
7. Need any help or have Q's? email me at [email protected] or send me a DM @afewfunmoves



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20 in 25 Schedule
  • 20 in 25 Insta Calendar

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  • 20-in-25-SCHEDULE.pdf

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  • 40min Full Body | SWEAT

    Episode 1


    About: A fun and upbeat full body workout that will get you feeling good and sweaty. Entirely interval based - this workout will be fairly simple in format so you can focus on each exercise. Low impact options available.

    Equipment Needed: a set of light-medium weights, but can be done ent...

  • 40min Full Body | SUPPORT

    Episode 2


    About: A low impact full body support class designed to make you feel stable, strong, and grounded. Expect to bird dog, side plank, donkey kick, single legged deadlift, and to work your core.

    Equipment: All bodyweight, with the option to use a towel as a glider if you want!

    Playlist: http...

  • 25min Lower Back | STRETCH

    Episode 3


    About: Low back feeling a bit 'meh'? Give this gentle stretch a try :)

    Equipment: Just your mat!

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1Zpp9Nea7oB61ib1Vrypsb?si=47c07455b3f44ef7

    Release Date: June 11th, 2021

    Intensity Level: Type 1 Fun

  • 30min Full Body | SUPPORT & SWEAT

    Episode 4


    About: The perfect combo of sweat and feel good support style movements to get you feeling sweaty! Plan to plank, single legged deadlift, donkey kick, and bird-dog.

    Similar style workout - https://watch.afewfunmoves.com/videos/45min-full-body-type-3-fun-support-sweat

    Equipment Needed: al...

  • 20min Happy Upper Back | STRETCH & SUPPORT

    Episode 5


    About: Upper back feeling a little stiff from sitting, or your favourite Fun Moves??? This quickie will help bring some more rotation and extension into your upper with some gentle twists, reaches, and bends.

    Equipment Needed: Just your mat!

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1...

  • 30min Full Body + Bodyweight | DO IT ALL

    Episode 6

    113. PREVIOUSLY LIVE ON MAY 31st, 2021

    *Skip to 15:20 min mark to start your workout*

    About: A full body and entirely bodyweight 'get you feeling good for the week' kind of workout. Lots of juicy core work in this one, and body weight strength to make you hips feel mobile, supported, and strong...

  • 30min Full Body | SWEAT

    Episode 7

    109. PREVIOUSLY LIVE ON MAY 18th, 2021

    *Skip to 8min mark to start your workout*

    About: A full body, heart pumping, and sweat inducing workout. We will work on some fun lateral movements, squats, curtsy lunges, and burpee (sorry). Options to keep it low impact if need be!

    Equipment: All bodywe...

  • 30min Full Body + Relaxation | STRETCH

    Episode 8


    About: a very mellow and gentle stretch to help your body and mind relax. Expect some gentle bends and twists, and to hole some positions for longer than usual :)

    Equipment Needed: Just your mat, and option to use a pillow or blocks to help prop you up if thats your jam

    Playlist: https:/...

  • 20min All Core NO Planks | SUPPORT

    Episode 9


    About: An all 'SPICY' core workout with no variation of a plank or wrist loaded movements.

    Equipment Needed: All bodyweight!

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1XRNpGwR86wsW0QGAgVMj1?si=7c9696091f4b4fc5

    Intensity: Type 2 Fun

    Release Date: Sept 10th, 2021

  • 25min Full Body | SWEAT

    Episode 10

    90. PREVIOUSLY LIVE ON MARCH 29th (re-do)

    *skip to 1:15min mark to start your workout*

    About: A full body interval style workout designed to get you sweaty! Low impact options available. Expect to plank, lunge, lightly hop, and deadlift. NO burpees in this one!

    Equipment: All body weight!