October Challenge

October Challenge

4 Seasons

Starting October 4th join me and the Fun Moves community for a 4-week feel good movement challenge. Let’s kickstart into Fall moving together, having fun, and maybe trying some new things!

✨What to Expect✨

〰️A pre-planned, approachable schedule that can easily fit into any schedule. There will be rest, stretch, sweat, strength, and support days. Along with ‘cross training’ days AFFM style….

〰️A downloadable calendar, and Instagram story template so you can track and share your fun moves

〰️Weekly LIVE classes streamed from the AFFM platform directly to your home

〰️Access to the private Fun Moves community hub

〰️PRIZES - share your completed Fun Moves calendar at the end of the month to enter into winning some fun things from some pals of AFFM (some pretty sweet things IMO)

✨How to Join✨

〰️Make sure you are a current subscriber, or free trialist on/before October 4th. HOT TIP: Joining a few days early will help you get organized and familiarized with the AFFM platform. 

〰️Locate the October Challenge on the AFFM platform to download your calendar, and follow along. 

I can't wait to move with you!


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October Challenge
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  • 30min Full Body + Push Focused | STRENGTH

    Episode 1

    107. PREVIOUSLY LIVE ON MAY 12th 2021

    *Skip to 6min mark to start your workout*

    About: A full body 'push' focused workout. A fairly simple, yet effective style of workout. We will squat, single legged squat, and upper body push. All low impact.

    Equipment Needed: A set of light-medium weights, ...

  • 30min All Core | STRENGTH

    Episode 2


    About: This workout will work your deep/inner core which is made up of your diaphragm, multifidus, pelvis floor, and transverse abdominals. This workout should leave you feel strong from your centre to help you feel powerful throughout the rest of your limbs. Expect to plank, dead-bug, sid...

  • 30min Full Body | STRETCH

    Episode 3

    170. PREVIOUSLY LIVE ON Oct 27th, 2021

    About: A mellow lunch break (or any time of the day) stretch to help get you feeling relaxed and calm in your body and mind. Lots of gentle shoulder and hip openers in the one :)

    Equipment Needed: Just your mat!

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist...

  • 30min Full Body | STRETCH

    Episode 4

    142. PREVIOUSLY LIVE AUG 11th, 2021

    *Skip to 8:10min mark to start your workout* Sorry there are a couple of small glitches in the last few minutes of the video

    About: A very lovely full body 'perfect way to start your day' kind go stretch and mobility sequence. Expect to gently open up your ch...

  • 45min Full Body | STRENGTH & SWEAT

    Episode 5


    About: A spin off from one of the most popular workouts on the AFFM platform! We will do 2 rep based strength sets with 2 HIIT challenges sprinkled in between. Expect to honestly do it all. NO burpees, lunges, or push-ups in this one.

    Equipment Needed: a set of light-medium weights


  • 50min Full Body | DO IT ALL

    Episode 6


    About: Let's do a little bit of everything!!! Expect to start close to the ground with some juicy mobility and active stability work, followed by some heart pumping strength and sweat work. We will row, tricep extend, deadlift, lateral bound, and work your core. Options to keep it low impa...

  • Goodbye Video!

    Episode 7