4-Week Strength Schedule

4-Week Strength Schedule

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Welcome to a '4-Week Strength Focused Fun Moves Schedule'. This schedule was designed to get you moving, and feeling strong physically and mentally. This schedule is entirely low impact, and strength focused. Expect to work on our 5 main movement patterns: Squat, Hinge, Row, Push, and Lunge. If you feel like you need assistance with any of those movements PLS check out the 'How To' series prior to starting. There are lots of hidden tips, tricks, and tools in there to help you and your body get the most out of these movements.

Ideally this schedule is to be completed over a 4 week period, starting whenever you feel comfortable. Download the PDF calendar, and/or Insta template to follow along. There are 4 workouts to be completed each week. Always remember that this schedule is a guideline to help you stay on track with getting moving, feeling good, and having fun. If you miss a day, or need to replace a day with a mellow stretch, or walk absolutely *NO STRESS*.

Some hot tips for having fun during this schedule:

1. Tell a friend, family member, or pal about your schedule. Maybe even get them to join in with you. Movement buddies rule!
2. Check out the 'How To' series for any movements you feel like you need some extra assistance with.
3. Decide what time of the day is best for you to complete your workouts and stick with it. Morning person? Lunch break? After work? Pick a time, schedule it in, and make it happen. Even better if you have your movement buddy ;)
4. If printing out the schedule helps to keep you on track go for it. You can also download the insta template to share with your pals for accountability.
5. Join the AFFM Community Hub :)
6. ALWAYS remember that this schedule was created for YOU. If completing the workouts in 5 weeks works best for you? Do that! Want to add on more STRETCH workouts into the routine? Go for it! Need more REST days? Take them!
7. Need any help or have Q's? email me at [email protected] or send me a DM @afewfunmoves



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4-Week Strength Schedule
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  • 20min Upper Body | STRENGTH

    Episode 1


    About: A quick upper body focused workout that will start with a row vs. chest press superset, finishing with some spicy accessory incorporating your shoulders and triceps. All low impact.

    Equipment: A light-medium set of weights, option to use a TRX in this workout!

    Playlist: https://ope...

  • 30min All Core | SUPPORT & STRENGTH

    Episode 2


    About: Give this juicy all core workout a try! Expect to 'quarter turkish get up', plank, side crunch, and bird dog.

    Equipment Needed: 1 medium weight

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7MbenEZD6WZHsXSigQzOub?si=4afaa14adbb245a6

    Intensity: Type 2 Fun

    Release Date: Dec 6th, 2021

  • 30min Full Body | STRENGTH

    Episode 3

    117. PREVIOUSLY LIVE ON JUNE 9th, 2021

    *Skip to 10min mark to start your workout*

    About: A full body strength workout focusing on how we can find our core to create more functional, and powerful movements. We will single legged squat, dead-lift, and chest press. There will be a rep based challe...

  • 20min Lower Body | STRETCH

    Episode 4


    About: Glutes, hamstrings, and quads feeling tight? Maybe your low back is feeling tense? Give this lower body and hip focused stretch a try.

    Equipment: Your mat, and a surface for an elevated quad stretch. You can use a coffee table, couch, or a wall.

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/p...

  • 45min Full Body | STRENGTH

    Episode 5


    * skip to 10min mark to start your workout & don't mind the ending. Still figuring out how this new LIVE class process work :) *

    About: Give this full body strength workout a try today. Expect lots of core, some dynamic low impact strength work to get the hear...