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Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

2-Week Core Schedule

Planks | HOW TO

6m 36s

Up Next in Week-1

  • Side Plank Variations | HOW TO

    In this HOW TO I will be showing you the basics for proper planking technique. We will go over both the high plank and forearm plank.

    Props Needed: Just your mat!

    Why I love Side Planks? They are fantastic way to teach people proper control of our shoulders and scapulas, and of course work our ...

  • 20min Gentle Core | SUPPORT


    About: A gentle core activation to help support your daily activities or to help you get back into things after injury, or to prep you for your favourite more dynamic activities. This workout should leave you feeling like your core is giving a big hug!

    Equipment Needed: 1 medium - heavy we...

  • 12min All Core | SUPPORT


    About: Craving some juicy core? Give this workout a try, or pair it with your other favourite short workout. Expect to plank, bicycle, dead-bug, oblique crunch, all in a time based intervals.

    Equipment: Just your mat