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  • 15min Good Morning | STRETCH


    About: The perfect way to start your day. Expect some gentle twists, and hip openers.

    Equipment: Mat & morning beverage :)

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3j8a4Ve0Ffv3sKf3iKlBob?si=afqy55QuQLCuXaZie914BQ

    Intensity: Type 1 Fun

    Release Date: Nov 5th, 2020

  • 15min Full Body Flow | STRETCH


    About: A continual flow style stretch. Expect some downward dogs, and deep hip flexor stretches.

    Equipment Needed: Mat

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1dPAQoY2t6JvIhA7LzXhNx?si=G8LcgjjyRTqynHlzbx_k9Q

    Intensity: Type 1 Fun

    Release Date: Sept 17th, 2020

  • 10min Full Body | STRETCH


    About: Craving some movement? This is the perfect mid day pick me up.

    Equipment: Mat

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/66HmOmt7iHGS8t2tN9C0Hd?si=y3hgaB2XRD6PvNYiClmnVQ

    Intensity: Type 1 Fun

    Release Date: Sept 18th, 2020

  • 8min Pre Run Activation | SUPPORT


    About: Are you a runner, jogger, or walker? Give this quick pre run warm-up/activation a try before your next outing. We will do a few fun moves to help support your body, and turn on some main muscle groups to help your runs feel smoother, more enjoyable, and hopefully injury free!


  • 15min Happy Wrists | STRETCH


    About: Sensitive wrists? Do you spend a lot of time using your hands typing, knitting, gardening, texting, and just about anything else in life? Give this quick wrist mobility focused stretch a whirl. This is also great prep for other workouts if you know your wrists need some extra love.


  • 15min Shoulders + Neck | STRETCH


    About: Neck and shoulders feeling tense, or tight? Give this quick shoulder, and neck mobility sequence a whirl. This is awesome to do as a mid day movement snack, or maybe before or after your favourite upper body focused workout if you feel like your shoulders need some extra love.