Workout to Conquer Cancer

Workout to Conquer Cancer

Andrea from A Few Fun Moves will be leading you through a 25-minute relaxing mobility sequence from the comfort of your desk, WFH setup, or wherever you may be.

Somewhat comfortable clothes would be ideal, but feel free to make do with what you have on. Plan to gently bend, twist, rotate, and breathe in a way that helps get you moving and feeling good in your body.

If you enjoyed this workout you can access 300+ other workouts varying in style, length, and intensity levels through my 7-day free trial. Feel free to use code: CONQUERCANCER at checkout for 50% off your first month of workouts with me -

Equipment Needed: Just your desk chair! Please be careful if it's on wheels.

I can't wait to get moving with you!


Workout to Conquer Cancer
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    Hi everyone!

    Thank you so much for choosing to move your body with me in celebration of the final few days of the Workout to Conquer Cancer Challenge. This workout is a 25min relaxing mobility sequence that you can do from your work desk, in your work attire. If you enjoyed this workout you can...