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Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

Strength Program 103

Worlds Greatest Stretch


Up Next in Lower Body Demos

  • Step Back Lunge w/Reach


    A. Alternating step back lunges holding onto a surface for support
    B. Stepping back and reaching arms over-head (as shown in video) - adding a slide bend to the side of the front leg can add more intensity

  • Single Legged Deadlift


    A. Keeping back foot on the ground - You'll be able to use a heavier weight with this option
    B. Elevating the back foot off the ground

    A note on how to hold weights:

    Two Dumbbells: Hold in both hands keeping close to the body
    1 Weight: Hold in the hand of the leg that's moving (goin...

  • Bulgarian Split Squat


    A. Bodyweight
    B. With Weight

    *Can be modified with a regular split squat if you don't have a bench or elevated surface