Push-Ups + Push-Up Options & Variations

Push-Ups + Push-Up Options & Variations

Learn the fundamentals for properly performing push-ups. In this HOW TO series I will break down our push pattern, and what is required in order to safely, and properly perform any type of push movement. These videos would be great for you, if you are newer to push-ups, hate doing push-ups, or have the goal to get stronger at your push-ups.

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Push-Ups + Push-Up Options & Variations
  • Push-Up Options + Variations | HOW TO

    In this HOW TO I will be showing you some options you could chose from if regular push-ups from your toes, or knees aren't your favourite!

    Props Needed: Your mat and an elevated surface

    What to Keep in mind: There are no superior, or better options when it comes to your push-ups. The option tha...

  • Push-Ups | HOW TO

    In this HOW TO I will be showing you the basics for proper push-up technique.

    Props Needed: Your mat!

    Why I love Push-Ups? They are an awesome movement for training upper body, and core strength. They also teach you (when done properly) how to have proper control of your shoulder blades (scapul...