21-Day Get Moving & Feeling Good Program 🌀

21-Day Get Moving & Feeling Good Program 🌀

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Get moving, feeling good, and having fun with this consciously curated 21-day program with A Few Fun Moves 🤸‍♂️

I created this program to help you create a balanced routine with exercise and moving your body. I fairly often get messages from people saying “I've fallen off the exercise wagon. How do I get back on?” I personally believe this is something that should, and does happen to everyone and shouldn’t be something we feel ashamed or guilty for. Instead I think it can be a really great opportunity for us to re-evaluate our relationship with exercise and reflect on how past movement practices have worked or haven’t worked for us.

My movement philosophy believes that everyone deserves to find a way to move their body in a way that works for them at whatever pace feels genuine to them, and my goal with this program is to help guide you closer to whatever that may be. We’ve been taught for so long that in order to get the most out of exercise it needs to look a certain way, or we need to perform to a certain standard. But I truly believe that our movement practices can be unique to us.

Are you looking to get moving feeling good, and having fun? Maybe your in need of a movement routine that focuses on moving to feel good? Not to move for aesthetic reasons. Possibly you're wanting to create a healthier routine, and mindset with exercise and moving your body? This might be the perfect movement program for you.

What does this program include?

1. a consciously curated pre planned 21 day schedule complete with rest days, cross-training days, and a variety of workouts that range in lengths from 15-40min long that can easily fit into a busy schedule.
2. a downloadable calendar to keep you on track and a calendar that you can share on your social media to hold you accountable if you'd like
3. optional journal prompts to help distinguish your why for choosing to move your body and questions to help you become more mindful with your movement practice.

How does this program work?

You can start the program whenever works best for you! However, I’d recommend starting it on a Monday.

What equipment do I need?

This program incorporates bodyweight workouts along with dumbbells. Having a set of light-medium weights for upper body work and something medium-heavy for your lower body.

Because I wanted to create something that may feel at a more approachable price point than the monthly subscription to A Few Fun Moves. This program is available for both subscribers or as a one time purchase for non-subscribers.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions regarding this program by emailing me [email protected] or sending me a DM @afewfunmoves.

I can't wait to get moving with you 💜


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21-Day Get Moving & Feeling Good Program 🌀
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  • 30min Upper Body + Core | STRENGTH

    Episode 1


    About: A reeeeeal nice upper body and core workout! This one got my shoulders, core, and back feeling all sorts of love. Expect to arm bar, wood chop, keeling halo, dead-bug, and row.

    Equipment Needed: 1 medium weight

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2rIrXf7WQyV6MWVEcYJHQ9?si=...

  • 25min Full Body | STRETCH

    Episode 2


    About: A real nice full body reset. Perfect for those days when everything is feeling a little meh, and you just gotta move. Expect to childspose, half kneel, forward fold, and gently twist.

    Equipment Needed: Just your mat! Option to use so blocks for a forward bend, in case you like to b...

  • 30min Full Body 15+15 | STRENGTH & SWEAT

    Episode 3


    About: This is a NEW workout format I tried out. I called it the 15 + 15. We spend 15min doing upper body weight work followed by 15min full body HIIT work. It was really fun! I'd love to know what you think if you give it a try :)

    Equipment Needed: A set of light-medium weights


  • 30min Lower Body | STRENGTH & SWEAT

    Episode 4


    What to expect: a sweat inducing strength focused workout designed to get your lower body feeling spicy and strong! Plan to deadlift, sumo squat, glute bridge, jump squat, and lateral hop. Options to keep it low impact if need be. This workout is also entirely wrist friendly.

    Equipment Nee...

  • 40min Full Body | SWEAT

    Episode 5


    About: A fun full bodied, sweat inducing workout. We will play around with some fun plyometric movements in this one. Low impact options available. Expect to lateral bound, burpee (sorry), squat, lunge, and push-up :)

    Equipment: You only need 2 light weights to do a squat to press/thruster....