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Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

Watch this video and more on A Few Fun Moves

NEW ✨ 30min Full Body | SWEAT

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  • NEW ✨ 40min Full Body | DO IT ALL


    About: A full body body workout incorporating a few different ranges of motion to help you feel good throughout your whole body. Expect to lunge, deadlift, and dead-bug.

    Equipment Needed: A set of medium weights


  • NEW ✨ 35min Glutes + Hamstrings | STR...


    About: Hamstrings and glutes looking for some love?! Give this workout a try. All low impact and featuring sumo deadlifts, glute bridges, glute kickbacks, and split stance deadlifts.

    Equipment Needed: yoga block or stack of books, set of medium weights or 1 heavy weight, and an elevated ...

  • 30min Full Body - Workout #1 | STRENG...

    This is workout #1 from the AFFM Strength Program 101 - It can be completed on its own or by following along with the program

    Equipment Needed:

    -medium - heavy weight for squats
    -light - medium for single armed bent over rows
    -light weights for seated reverse flies
    -an elevated surface for be...

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