Type 2 Fun Schedule

Type 2 Fun Schedule

3 Seasons

〰️About the Type 2 Fun Schedule〰️

This intensity level is perfect for those who enjoy getting a little sweat on, but prefer to keep their workouts grounding, but still energizing. This challenge will focus on getting you feeling good, supported, strong, and mobile, all the while boosting those feel good endorphins! Low to medium intensity.

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Type 2 Fun Schedule
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  • 30min All Core | STRENGTH

    Episode 1


    About: This workout will work your deep/inner core which is made up of your diaphragm, multifidus, pelvis floor, and transverse abdominals. This workout should leave you feel strong from your centre to help you feel powerful throughout the rest of your limbs. Expect to plank, dead-bug, sid...

  • 25min Full Body | STRETCH

    Episode 2


    About: A real nice full body reset. Perfect for those days when everything is feeling a little meh, and you just gotta move. Expect to childspose, half kneel, forward fold, and gently twist.

    Equipment Needed: Just your mat! Option to use so blocks for a forward bend, in case you like to b...

  • 30min Full Body | DO IT ALL

    Episode 3


    About: A nice lill sampler of all things AFFM workouts. Expect to mobilize the hips and spine, activate the whole body, then strengthen with a lill bit of sweat. Low-Medium impact.

    Equipment Needed: A set of light - medium weights

    Playlist: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1mdht3TUXjXK...

  • 25min Active Hips | STRETCH

    Episode 4


    About: An active hip stretch working on finding functional range of motion in the 4 ranges our hips move. Extension, Flexion, Internal Rotation, and External Rotation. We will use a few different techniques to help increase mobility and range of motion for the hips. One of those techniques...

  • 40min Full Body | SWEAT

    Episode 5


    About: A fun and upbeat full body workout that will get you feeling good and sweaty. Entirely interval based - this workout will be fairly simple in format so you can focus on each exercise. Low impact options available.

    Equipment Needed: a set of light-medium weights, but can be done ent...

  • 40min Full Body | SWEAT

    Episode 6


    About: A fun full bodied, sweat inducing workout. We will play around with some fun plyometric movements in this one. Low impact options available. Expect to lateral bound, burpee (sorry), squat, lunge, and push-up :)

    Equipment: You only need 2 light weights to do a squat to press/thruster....